Let’s push the replay button! Press reset. Click rewind. Do IT again. Let’s begin again!

Can you tell how excited I am? I’m excited about the Spring and Summer months coming ahead! It’s the time of renewal, birth, brightness, light and love. These are the days I love, love, love! The transition from cold to hot; grey to blue skies and; inside to outside – again. Watching change unfold is magnificent, interesting and peaks my curiosity. Just as I am curious about each moment in my new life moving forward, I am excited about going through through transitions. Through growth and experience I now know through each storm I’ll get to see a rainbow or sunshine ahead. During storms, I’ve learned to care for myself more, love myself more, nurture myself during the wind and torrential down pours. I’ve even learned how cultivate new relationships with people I know and haven’t yet met! I’ve also learned how to get rid of the weeds that choke the beauty within me! Lol! Even a summer storm can bring forth beauty and clears the environment for beautiful days ahead.

So, you’ve probably noticed that, Begin Again, is my current theme for Wellside Retreats. It’s not just a metaphor but something for all us of to think about and do. I would like you to ask yourself these questions: what is it I’d like to start that I haven’t finished? (only if you believe it would make you happy). What is it that makes me smile? What dance do I like dancing but haven’t moved in that inspiring way in a long time? What is it I’d like to do that I haven’t done at all? When was the last time I took a big breath of fresh air (inhaled and exhaled)? Do I want to write that book? Paint that picture? Or, maybe (get this now) just be still for a while?

Resetting and retreating from the status quo; pulling back from what hasn’t made you laugh, smile or feel awake is part of beginning again. Just thinking about what I’d love to do in the days ahead makes me smile!

Wellside Retreats is also beginning again. It is changing and transforming into an exciting movement from a blog to a physical experiential wellness retreat service. We will meet up in different spaces and places to discover newness, explore the goodness of the world, engage with new and old friends while we retreat and pull back from everyday life. Although this change is coming, it will be created with care and in small steps. I’ll give you a heads up as we move forward. You’ll meet my beautiful friend and former law school classmate DeBora M. Ricks, Founder of Sisters Gathering to Heal as we create experiences together!

Stay tuned and Stay well.

Kathy A. Hampton
Founder and Creator of Wellside Retreats

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