Founder and Creator, Wellside Retreat


I created Wellside Retreats back in 2007 as a virtual holistic wellness center.  It was was born out of a women’s spa weekend taken with my sister and a few of her friends at the Camelback Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. I came away from that extended weekend with clarity, rejuvenation, and an awareness of what I needed in my dynamic and overwhelmed life. I needed to RETREAT and care for myself.

My vision and concept sat on a shelf in my mind for almost 10 years. From my passions of writing and creating, Wellside Retreats was born.   I have the desire to realize the happiness I once experienced and knew earlier in life. I now know and am fully aware that taking time for self care and ridding myself of hectic living, foggy thoughts and a cluttered mind is essential to living the life meant for me.

Living life fully is also meant for you. I am sharing what I have learned, what I am practicing and how I’m living with people through my daily walk in life as well as this blog. Wellside Retreats was also created to eventually move me and others to destinations for learning, reflection, rejuvenation and transformation.

Wellside Retreats is in beginning stages of transitioning from a blog to an experiential, transformational destination and healing RETREAT service. The goal of Wellside Retreats is to create an experience that benefits each woman’s need to make positive changes in her life and unpack effective and essential tools when she arrives home. There will be retreats offered to address self-examination, life balance, self-love, self-care, stress reduction, awareness, awakening and so much more. The experiences will not be vacations but transformations in environments that will provide moments of introspection. I’m excited about where Wellside Retreats is going and hope to see you on an upcoming journey.


I am a lawyer, librarian, information professional, writer, massage therapist, Ashiatsu practitioner, budding yoga student, mother of two young adults, child of Faye and George and a sister to two sisters. 

I’m grateful to have experienced some of what the world has to offer.  However, in this season, I am working toward realizing dreams deferred and speaking out about the things I’ve been silent about. 

The bucket list is full and there is so much to do despite roadblocks, distractions or nay sayers – travel, books to write, documentaries to produce, photographs to capture and a healthy body to claim!  My mantra is:  If I’m not having fun than I shouldn’t be doing it!

Wellside Retreats is both a virtual wellness platform and an experiential destination space.  It’s a place where one can learn and take part in all aspects of wellness.  You’ll find wellness resources for mind, body and spirit here.

Come often, visit for a while and stay WELL !