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Let me tell you. . . I have a yearning to get away, travel and experience some new places in this big beautiful world! Roughly three years ago I did just that. I took a trip to California with a group of women to visit wineries. Although not a new destination for me, there was a newness about the trip; I experienced getting on a plane with people I would share an experience with besides my family. There were wineries I had not visited and accommodations I had never stayed in.

I also went to Montreal for the Montreal Jazz Festival. I really enjoyed the great jazz, friendly people and walking around the port city of Montreal. It was different experiencing concerts away from home in our neighbor country Canada and hearty dishes like Poutine served everywhere! (like french fries in the U.S.)

I have plenty of friends and family who have traveled the world. In fact, just weeks ago, people I know have been getting away to see the sites, sounds, smells and feels of places all around the globe. I have lived through their photographs, lusting over the most interesting images of people, landscapes, food, architecture while saying to myself, “what did they do while they were there?”, “who did they meet?” “are they having fun?”, “I’ve gotta’ go there!” And “I’m going there!!”

As I’ve shared in earlier posts and in my “About” page – one of the reasons for this blog was to share my experience of a short trip to Arizona to a spa. It was four days of resting, spa treatments, eating and a little shopping. It was my first time doing the spa thing. It was not until I got home did I start to unpack my mind and realize that my short spa trip was transformational!

Photo by Harsh Jadav on Unsplash

That little four day spa trip cleared up my vision and made me see things that weren’t so great happening in my life – professionally and personally. It put some pep in my step, energized my spirit and quenched my desire for peace. I knew then that I had to get off the hamster wheel. You know what I’m talking about… that grind that most women are running on constantly; that juggling act; that marathon. . . always running to get to the next thing and the next thing without allowing ourselves to dream, grow or just take a break.

As I was unpacking my suitcase from the spa trip, I was unpacking my mind – freeing it up to care for myself more. I suppose it was a souvenir, brought home for myself – it was a great souvenir because I still reflect on the beauty of that short little trip and how it changed my life. Talking about a new attitude. . . I had it!

Not to get off topic. . . but one of my favorite artists, Erykah Badu makes it pretty clear about holding on to baggage in “Bag Lady”. You know that song. . . Ms. Badu’s muse is a woman who has a physical impairment (big bag of stuff she carries around) as well as a cluttered state of mind. I love that song!

A vacation, trip, jaunt, traveling experience can set you straight. Like me, most of us, make excuses about how we can’t change our experience – whether it’s a walk around the block or a drive to the beach so we can unpack some stuff. My friends start packing your bag for a experiential destination so you can come back, unpack your transformation! Believe me, it will do you some good!

Photo by Rana Sawalha on Unsplash

While I lust and drool over images of beautiful vacations friends and family take, in most cases I don’t receive feedback on how their experiences have been. But a few weeks ago, my great friend DeBora Ricks gave me and her followers a real up front and personal account of her trip to Dubai and India. She provides a great account of her trip and captures not only the wonderful images of her experience but true introspection and what she refers to as transformation. Please read it for yourself – use the link here:…/sis-what-makes-you-come-alive-3441281

So when you’ve returned from your next vacation or travels, I’d love to hear about what you have unpacked from your mind and your bags! I’m sure it’s just as exciting and interesting as the trip itself. Reach out to me at!

Stay Well!


Kathy A. Hampton, Founder Wellside Retreats

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