This is my longest post yet but I’m not apologizing.  I’m talking to alot of people on this one.  Get your favorite cool beverage ’cause it’s hot out there and this is a steamy topic so relax and read on. . .


I received a text yesterday from a fellow information professional (thank you Mary Ellen Bates for the inspiration) which simply provided a quote:

“The illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”  – Alvin Toffler, writer, futurist, industrial thinker and “doddy liberal”.

Wow!  Not to take you off course but a quick review of Alvin Toffler tells us that he was the author of the Futurshock, he consulted with industry, government and nations regarding the future of society, industry, economies and technology.  So how does that quote apply to the focus of my wellness, mental health and lifestyle blog?

Learn to Be Well. . . Get Ready!

Well, these days the future is heavy on my mind.  Things have changed over the last three decades. At one time things looked so clear and easy.  I have been blessed with a formal education but with all the changes in the world around me, the career pattern I had for myself has lately been unrecognizable.  My family is changing – children becoming adults, spouse and I reinventing ourselves, sizes, health etc.  Dog getting older and slower.

Luckily I am curious by nature and thrive on learning. Learning keeps me motivated to move forward, to gain insight of my gifts and talents that have not been cultivated while exercising my mind.   Ultimately, all that learning needs to be put to use.  Don’t ya’ think?  Well that requires CHANGE !     Oh yea, I said it !!   The thing that is inevitable and constant !

Hang with me now . . .  Change can be difficult when you have set yourself up to do one thing and aren’t ready to make a move toward another.  Sometimes we don’t even know change is occuring in our lives and we fill a discomfort, a dis-ease, an emotion you don’t know where the heck its coming from.  But what happens when you want to make change (the good kind) or even worse. . . when change just freakin’ happens?!

The challenge and toll of handling change when it is unexpected and occurs when there are events in life; such as a lay off, illness, divorce or death of a loved one –  this kind of change becomes a burden. Change can be an overwhelming feeling of despair for some.  Change can be is  stressful, causing anxiety and depression.

It’s not so easy to make change – I know.  (I’ve lived most of my life in a constant state of change – which I’ll tell you about in future posts)  So, my lay-person-expert-change-agent advice is to  Be Ready to Change and you will be WELL. 

At Wellside Retreats I always provide advice or resources to find your RETREAT  (see my first two posts )  So here are 3 words of wisdom (a bit more than 3)  to Get Ready to Be Well so that you can handle or cope with various forms of change.

  • Face Your Fears
    • Fears and Faith don’t mix well.  You can’t fear and be faithful at the same time.  Believe in yourself (the God in you!) so that you can move forward through the change that you want or that has been handed to you. Also, if you have a certain belief in a higher power that power has your back!  If you are fearful it cancels your faith.  Get centered through meditation or prayer.
  • Open Your Heart
    • So if you are having problems facing the all consuming changes in your life, open your heart and mind to receiving help from a counselor, therapist or even a coach, a sister friend who will tell you the truth!  Listen, let your heart and head hear those who may know.  Learn and relearn something from them and you will then learn or relearn who you are through this season of change. Its about being active and being open to moving forward.
  • Be Kind to Yourself
    • Learning who you are in the sphere of change takes time.  Adjustment comes in phases and is not expected to be instant.  So, during this process love yourself because you are the one that must deal with you.
      • You are valuable, you are worthy of the goodness that change has to offer.
      • You are able to learn what you may not know so that you can incorporate wellness to cope with inevitable change.
      • YOU CAN DO IT!

I am finished for now.  Thanks for sticking with me.  I see this thing as making lemonade out of those lemons that we know so well – just spice it up!


If you are new to this blog please “follow me” by signing up with your email in the little box in the lower right hand corner or fill in your information on my Contact page.  So until next time Find Your Retreat and Stay Well.




One thought on “Get Ready to Be Well!

  1. Wow! You talked to me today definately. Change for me has been rocky, however its been good as well. Im not in a relationship anymore, exercising more, loving myself, and moving from a place that was bad for me mentally. I don’t want to be stuck so im finding things in my life that make me feel good. Being in my own apartment is going to be a change as well because im striving for peace and my well being. Being patient is the key. Thanks Kat for this today. Can’t wait for your next entry.


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