We All Need a Balance

Last week was rough – so much negative information, scenarios of doom and gloom for this country and the world.  However, it was a refreshing day  of worship and encouragement on Sunday when the message was,  “It’s all good!

To greatly paraphrase:

“There is good in the world and we must separate ourselves from the bad.” Taken from Genesis 1:4

under board walk

In essence, in the beginning, only GOOD was created.  This most direct, simple and positive message was just what I needed to get the pep back in my step, to erase the dullness within my mind and to remember that I never follow danger, a fight in the street or run to a fire.  These lessons were taught early in my life.

So part of my mission at Wellside Retreats is to  provide encouragement in the area of wellness – the world was created for great • ful purposes.   Move through this day and each and every day  with only greatness on your mind.

Please keep up with me and this blog.  I will provide encouragement, tips and resources so that you can find a good balance for yourself.



In fact,  today I’m excited to share 3 great tips for GOOD BALANCE, CLEARING YOUR MIND and ENERGIZING YOUR SPIRIT – MEDITATION!  

Meditation is a way to RETREAT from the negative, the stressful and inactivity.   Check out these three apps for meditation anywhere and everyday (Smartphone or Computer):

I have used all three and like them for myself.  I’m not promoting any specific app, I just want you to know that MEDITATION is a great tool for well-being.  Please try them for your own personal use.  Check out this literature on the apps


-Kathy A. Hampton  wellsidereteats@gmail.com


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