Did I Lose It?

Last weekend I was in the company of women leaders from in and outside of my community who were discussing women’s heath issues –  I felt inspired and encouraged in their presence!  This weekend I will be walking with a group of women and I’m excited about taking part in a positive and healthy activity with a group of people I know and some I don’t know.

Photo of me

For the last 15 years I removed myself socially from people due to many things happening in my world including family, work and just plain old life.  I’m somewhat of a gypsy and have relocated to many communities, towns, cities and neighborhoods during my youth and young adult years. My friends are all over the world.  The most recent acquaintances are associations of my children and their friends’ parents.  Friends and even associates are difficult to cultivate as we all older.

When I was younger, I felt great when I was around my friends.  I made friends so much easier than now.  I can remember laughter, activity (usually dancing), conversation, problem solving and eating (food brings everyone together). I attracted and cultivated friendships “back in the day”.   I felt a sense of belonging, comfort, appreciation and even excitement among groups of people.   I was in my element back then – I had my MOJO on!  I felt powerful, important and in control!

You and I Can Find It – It’s Powerful !

MOJO – magic, mystical, charm!!!  I am working to get my mojo back everyday. Currently, I am slowly RETREATING – by walking away from my island,  from solidarity and loneliness. The “magic” or power within each of us is our will to activate power to make things happen in our lives.  I believe  mojo gets tamped down by our environments, people or events that come in and out of our lives.  Mojo lies dormant and sometimes needs to be churned up and realized in order to dance again, laugh, socialize, eat healthy food, and RE-TREAT ourselves!

I want to encourage you or someone you know to GO GET YOUR MOJO BACK!  You never lost it.  It’s just been hiding deep inside.

Here are three things you can do to work your magic:

  • Cultivate New Friendships
  • Be Kind to Yourself
  • Have Good Fun!

and by all means Stay Well!

~Kathy from WellSide Retreats



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