Hello My Friend,

I’ve made a discovery that I need to share !  I’m so excited about this new find and have decided to express it in this blog.  I’m also doing some new things in this phase of my life that I’m really excited about.   For about 10 years I have held onto a dream that merely became a wish but I’ve decided to dust off my wish and make my dream come true!  It’s  the long awaited purposeful dream of  Wellside Retreats!  I am also in the process of writing a very important book that will be published by the end of 2016!

However, I must first talk to YOU about  finding your retreat.  Join me while I unfold and dig up the benefits of self-empowerment and ultimately – LOVE.

re·treat \ri-ˈtrēt\

My  discovery of this small but powerful word in the electronic version of Merriam-Webster Dictionary provides the status of its popularity.  As of 2016, the word “retreat” is only 30% used in our culture’s vocabulary.  (a little nerdy but nevertheless important).

Chile llama

If the term was used more often, we’d know that to RETREAT  calls for one to “turn back”, “pull back”, “give way”, “change course”, “quiet”, “seclude” and even “concede”.   These are positive actions that  require me and possibly you to DO something.

Some may say, “I don’t need to do anything – I’m okay. I am moving forward and I’m just fine!” I say to you – congratulations on your movement forward.  But what I also know is that there are a few of us who have progressed professionally, been promoted, acquired things, gained insightful connections but are still in a place where they are stuck, burnt out, dis-satisfied and plain old unhappy.

It has taken me a while  to realize the lessons of self-empowerment, self-love and as my sister says , “self-preservation” !    I too have been blessed with a good education, professional opportunities, stuff and so much more.

black woman holding hand

But what I have understand from an inward tug, gut instinct, a down right uncomfortable feeling is that I have not been at my best. So, I finally listened to myself and the God in me –  I have started taking actions that require me to change my direction, my stance, the speed of my trajectory and found that I must RETREAT!   It is required for my self preservation and empowerment. I found my RETREAT and it includes the following:

  • saying NO
  • taking walks by myself
  • creating
  • having difficult conversations
  • writing purposeful books
  • distancing myself
  • receiving advice and help
  • meditating

Be You

So I advise you to stop moving for a moment. Try it!  Take a look outside your window,  look into a mirror, think about your desires and reflect. It may be the best moment you’ve had in a while. Do you need to retreat?   There are many ways  to gain self •full • fillment.

I have a few more ideas that may help you and look forward to sharing.   

green bench

Remember, RETREAT is a powerful word and even more so, a powerful movement!



I’ll be blogging and connecting with you to talk about Wellside Retreats,  I’d like to work with you to  find your retreats  in the coming days.