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As you get ready to celebrate the 4th of July – or the ability to take vacation, stay-cation or days off from the J-O-B, it may be good to account for where you are right now, at this time.

Typically, this is the time that corporate America reviews the fiscal picture and determines the worth of the balance sheet, how investments are sizing up or rated, how returns on investments (ROI) are coming along and. . . so on and so forth. Somewhere in America, corporate C-level folks and board members are reviewing numbers, charts and analysis – it’s the middle of the year and the corporate calendar has all manner of data that must be evaluated. Well, for some of us (BEINGS), it’s time for rest, rejuvenation and resolve.

I suggest taking account of your Self Worth at this mid mark of the year. Yes, self worth – the value you place on your oneness with the Universe that “… represents the cornerstone of the dual foundations of optimism and self-belief” – Madison Taylor, Daily OM.

Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

When you acknowledge your self worth you are taking account of how far you’ve come and where you are NOW – no matter what choices, decisions, circumstances you have made or gone through the realization that your life holds infinite value, purpose and potential. Not only is July the time to do this evaluation but you should pat yourself on the back, be kind to yourself and take the time to love who you are on a regular basis.

I know that some people have the concept of Self Worth down and don’t need any reminder to take care of themselves or evaluate where they are. . . but there are a whole bunch of people who haven’t thought about their value, their worth or even more have lost sight of that one of a kind belief in themselves. If you know someone like this, let them know that they are worthy and to take some time out to find that worth through – respite, relaxation, or plain old FUN! In the meantime. . .

It’s time to CELEBRATE YOU – right now!


Kathy A. Hampton – Wellside Retreats

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