We all know that change is a constant however, there are periods within life when a process of change, from one state or condition to another, can totally throw you for a loop or give you the boost you need.

Not to preach to the choir but women transition so much throughout their lives, trying to follow a path can be mind bending. Such transitions that we encounter include (in no particularly order):

  • giving birth
  • death of a love one
  • marriage
  • divorce
  • empty nesting
  • career promotion and professional development
  • changing jobs or careers
  • home relocation
  • health, illness, menopause (the real big change)
  • retirement
  • matriculation of school to career
  • financial status
  • or anything unexpected that makes you pause about your life;

and this short list doesn’t include all the transitions of the people we care for and who depend on the us.

With these transitions come a range of feelings and emotions – excitement, pride, sorrow, grief, anxiety, fear, isolation, depression and more.

In my experience, transition has come relatively easy as I was born and raised with periods of change and adapted to various cultures, geographic locations, climates and people. Now, as a woman of a certain age and life altering changes that have recently occurred (I’m still holding it together though, really I am); my expectations of a great rebound have not been met with ease and its taking a little more time. This transition is a bit more nuanced then it was when I was my cute self at the lovely ages of 25, 35 and even 40.

From my vantage point, change includes a new city of residence, new cultural exposure, a relatively new job, divorce, empty nesting, change in financial status and a not-so-social social life. Did I say there is a lot going on, whoooo! This may sound frightening, horrible and sad from the outside looking in but what I know is that all of this will (once again) CHANGE. Please believe, I welcome the transitions and look forward to the goodness that is coming. It’s all about acceptance, belief and grace.

I write this as I reflect on women I know, have met and who have showed me examples of living life fully after whatever transition(s) they have gone through. These women are my relatives, friends, acquaintances and professional associates. It’s important that women know that the process of transition can provide a source of freedom, peace and happiness.

Do not remember the former things, or consider the things of old. I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?

Isaiah 43:18-19
Restoration and Protection promised

It’s important not to isolate yourself from family, friends, spiritual teachers or those you know love you and are able to help. As my dear Aunt Wilma told me as a college Sophmore, “You are not the only one!” Open up to the love and attention of others. You may also be able to help someone who is going through some metamorphosis as well.

If your transition(s) are joyful, shout about the accomplishment, share your gratitude and pull someone up with you. Praise your God and the Go(od) within you!

Go through the TRANSITION, get to the other side and enjoy every moment as you are embrace CHANGE.

NOTE: This is the first of a three part post on Change: The Transitioning Woman

Stay Well!

-Kathy A. Hampton, Founder & Managing Director of WellSide Retreats wellsideretreats@gmail.com | FB: @wellsideretreats | IG: wellsideretreats

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