This is my last post of the year and serves as a recap, reflection and review of the last 12 months. I’m lead by the power of gratitude and truth to provide my brief perspective of the work I’ve been doing and creating.

I’ve looked in the mirror and share reflections for what was during 2019. Wellside Retreats, Inc., an extension of myself, has unfolded and taken on a new shape through its growth, change and transformation – just as I have.

Before I tell you all about what I saw and now see, I ask you:

  • What do you see in the mirror?
  • Have you reflected on this last year?
  • What have you experienced over the year, the months, the days and moments that have either transformed you; have been part of a major transition or kept you in place?
  • Or, just to keep it simple and on point, are you just feeling blessed to be ALIVE?

Here are a few of my highlights of the year:

Built Fences and Walls

In the first three months of 2019, I didn’t write or even post to Wellside Retreats. There were some obstacles that needed to be cleared, fences that required installing and walls to erect. There was a need for stillness, self-protection and contemplation about the direction I was going – both personally and professionally.

Said Yes and No at the Right Time –

I was able to say YES without fear or hesitation to opportunities. It was through faith, discernment, research, and all of my varied intelligence I was able to freely say this most affirmative word of action.

I celebrated saying NO for purposes of self-love, self-respect, freedom and an acknowledgment of standing in my POWER.

Gained Knowledge and Stood in My Power

As a lover of learning and, at times, too much curiosity, I immersed myself in making connections. I took courses, workshops; read tons of books, met and consulted with experts, coaches, teachers and mentors, practitioners and believers for all manner of industry, subjects, thoughts, topics and understanding for body, mind and spirit.

I reached, challenged and stretched myself to understand, listen and engage. I grew into my POWER for purposeful change.

Transformed & Built Relationships –

As Wellside Retreats, Inc. became a business entity this year, I too built relationships and made connections with people of like minds, thoughts and experiences. I spoke to and engaged with people near and far about my goals, dreams and desires to help people; to provide services to people while building bridges to reach people.

Realizing that relationships are dynamic and are not determined by oneself, I connected, re-connected and disconnected with people while accepting whatever circumstances came my way by understanding that relationships, just as life -move, stop and start.

The lesson was to learn how to detach from situations that would normally keep me frustrated, pissed off or full of negativity. I was mindful of the fluidity of change, transition and transformation by not taking things so personal, not making any assumptions of others, being the best I can and watching the words I speak. Sources: The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra

Practice Makes Perfect (almost)

Gratitude nourished, fortified, and strengthened me. Gratitude through God’s grace is what I thrived on, survived with and moved toward my desires and dreams.

Create(d) –

With energy from my practice(s), I was able to create through writing; gained courage to speak live to whoever was watching or listening;

(SIDE NOTE: Facebook Live is not for the weak of heart – I’m still learning from the exercise of communication while video taping myself – it’s no joke but I’m getting better with fewer “ums”).

I produced event programming, created virtual workshops and my first RETREAT! I establsihed two corporate entities and one affiliate coaching service, Wellside Retreats, SideSessions ™ and Wash With Care.

There is lots of work to be done with all of this. I’m experiencing some overwhelm but with the energy to meet the purpose of serving others, I’m excited about making a difference in people’s lives as well as mine.

Experienced & Felt Love and Happiness

It took until the last quarter of this busy year that it dawned on me that I had talked so much about self-love, self-care, self-improvement for others that I had awakened in myself the longing to feel self-love. It’s great to have self-awareness!

Experienced Joy & Pain

The last loop of what seemed like the never ending painful roller coaster of separation and divorce came to a screeching halt. I feel joyful that I am peaceful, happy and hopeful about the future. I celebrate the experiences that I once shared and the the beautiful goodness of two beautiful young people that came from my former union.

I am blessed to be fully aware, conscious and faithful as I move forward.

I wish you a great New Year and may you be well into the moments, hours and days of this new decade.


Kathy A. Hampton, Founder

Email: | IG: wellsideretreats | FB: @wellsideretreats

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