I’ll admit and be quite frank about this season of holidays – it can really be a drag. Don’t get me wrong, the reason for the season has many meanings for many of us. It can also foster all types of feelings that are wanted and unwanted.

LOVE is what I am reminded of during this time. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations have typically made me think and feel comforted, happy and cheerful. I have always felt this way during this season until recently.

The transition that I’ve made recently has robbed me of a few things but also has provided me so much growth and a since of confidence. The portion of the path that I’m on has also disconnected me from that familiar comfortable feeling which made me smile, laugh, feel warm, connected and vibrant. I’m ready to feel that feeling again. LOVE is what I want now!

I know I’m not the only one or that I’m alone in this thought or experience. I ask you a few questions. . .

  • Is LOVE part of your journey?
  • Are you having a hard time acknowledging LOVE?
  • What does LOVE mean to you?
  • How does it show up in your life?
  • Do you believe you have LOVE?
  • Can you hold LOVE?
  • Can you hear LOVE?
  • Can you smell LOVE?
  • Can you FEEL LOVE?
  • Has LOVE ever been taken away from you?
  • Has Love been disguised as something other than what you thought it was?

JOURNAL OPPORTUNITY: Take the opportunity to privately journal or write about any or all of the questions above.

About four weeks ago, I had this overwhelming sense; a desire for love. No…. I’m not talking about a sexual or romantic desire… it was a longing for familiarity of a space – a home, a place of warmth, brightness, comfort and connection. This sense was triggered in a discussion I was having with my beloved book club* friends and through the word “HOME” that was spoken in a certain context and was a certain stanza song that Stephanie Mills sang in the WIZ – I gasped a little. That one word “HOME” touched me and I gained clarity and awareness about what I was longing for. (Home has a larger significance than I will discuss in this post.)

The desire was so strong that I actually started combing the real estate pages to find that physical space that I was visioning for myself. I found a listing in my old neighborhood in Baltimore – my vision matched my desire! I was overwhelmed with joy that I had manifested the vision.

I say all of this, to share that the desire for this feeling of love has been so powerful that I believe I manifested the subject or was in the same [spiritual] space as my accountability coach** who just so happened to have the subject of “love manifestation” as her topic of discussion for her inspiration call! It was a surprise I wasn’t expecting on that Monday morning but I was so happy to have received the gift.

Another Cottage Dream. . .

From this discussion, I immediately knew that before I can achieve either a space or human connection (in a soulmate), I must continue on this journey by loving myself and caring for myself first.

Just as I have been gifted with all that I desire and have dreamed for thus far in my life, LOVE will show up in the form I desire as I attract it like a magnet! *** How do I know this? Well – my intuitive entrepreneur coach mentioned this on a weekly group call that I heard the same week as all of these desires, spoken words, topics of discussion, prayers and meditations were unfolding all at the same time! There are no mistakes, there is only truth and lessons to learn.

LOVE has been in the air and is all around me – it has been speaking to me, calling to me and I am listening!

My journey of transformation along with clarity, clearing, awareness and now love is now with me on my path. It’s always been there but has been barried under all the other heavy feelings, emotions and blocks (aka stinkin’ thinking).

Love is emerging and it’s vibration is quite strong. I’m now carrying it in front of me as I make my way to a great space! It feels wonderful!

If you haven’t found the love you want within – take some time to do some inner work (introspection), be still, listen to others you trust; listen to yourself and it may show up when you least expect it. It’s all part of the journey.

Love may even show up during this Season of Celebrations!

A possible canine soulmate…?


* Virtual Book Club selection – Pathway to Purpose by Ericka Sallee, Author, Speaker and Transformation Success Coach Trusynergy

** A.M. Inspiration & Accountability – Pamela Elaine Nichols, Author, Speaker and Personal Development Coach

*** Grind to Glory – Jessica Page, Intuitive Business Coach, Guiding Entrepreneurs from Grind to Glory

Be Well !


Kathy A. Hampton, Creator of Wellside Retreats

Info@wellsideretreats.com | IG: @wellsideretreats | FB: wellsideretreats.com

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