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Happy October! Fall and Quarter 4 of 2019 is here! Transitions and transformations continue to occur in my world. I know you could share some stories of your own about what has transpired this year thus far. Please feel free to connect!

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Here at Wellside Retreats, I am walking with and aware of my intentions and purpose as my long time dreams and desires unfold one moment, minute, day by day regarding this service I am creating and building. Where has the time gone since I even started communicating, blogging and doing this thing…? All of this has turned into a business that I had planted the seeds for many years ago and it keeps growing. It’s still a small plant but it’s growing…

Time has changed and so have I. I’ve built in practices, processes and plans to move myself forward. Oh, don’t get me wrong, there have been sooo many distractions along this path – personal and professional – but I’ve kept my super powers, armor and invisibility cloak on lock mode to move through them all. Lol!!! Seriously, I’ve put in place, prayer, meditation and chanting to keep happiness, love and light around me – it’s all good!!

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Actually, attention to self care within mind, body and spirit has been at the forefront of my year. My faith (spirit) has guided me, shined light on dark spots; picked me up when I thought I could not stand and; kept me alert, discerning and increased my confidence. Without dedicating time, attention and awareness to my Go(o)d and thus myself, I would not have been able to produce what I have produced thus far.

Learning (mind) has been key this year as well. I’ve met the best teachers, immersed myself in classes, books, webinars and events, that have stimulated my mind and contributed to my growth – I am open and have been a life long learner so this has been a great season in this area.

A group of women from all over the globe have formed a circle around me without me doing much but merely BE! They have provided information, counsel, support, compassion, collaboration and love to me and I’m grateful!

My health (body) started off this year in really great shape due to eating a plant based diet, that worked well for me until I did not continue doing the work. (ugh!!!) I did increase my fitness but know that I must do even more to succeed in this area. I also learned to be kinder to myself and all things will manifest accordingly.

Photo by Jessi Pena on Unsplash

Just as any business starts reviewing what they will do for the end of the old year as well as the planning for the new year, I am following suit. Below is my Q4 Focus for Wellside Retreats which will include the following:

  • An invitation to women to attend the first Wellside Retreats events in January April and October of 2020;
  • The roll-out of Wellside Retreats coaching serving women, teens and small start-ups
  • Community programming and events to encourage the importance self awareness & wellness, mental health awareness and advocacy for all.
  • Creating collaborative online workshops and webinars

So, tell me, what’s your Q4 Focus? Let me know how you are doing out there.

Stay Well!

– Kathy

Kathy A. Hampton |Wellside Retreats |

FB: @wellsideretreats | IG: wellsideretreats

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