I’m sure you have a Warrior friend. She’s that woman who is battle tested. She may have scars but doesn’t show them. She is skillful. She’s protective of herself and devoted to those she loves. She’s kind, loving, honest and truthful.

I have many Warrior friends. I want to highlight two in this post – I’ve received their permission to name names.

Angela Dean and I met during a local election night at a township precinct and we have been friends ever since. We don’t spend a lot of time together but have talked about the concerns of our heart including children, careers, writing, creating, joys and sorrows. Angela is a Warrior because she is a brave, courageous, skilled fighter for herself, her son, family members and community. She’s battle tested yet she doesn’t show her scars. She’s open, friendly, frank, kind, generous, humorous and can spit out mad law, compliance and a social justice discussion. She manifests an energy and grace that I admire.

Angela was one of the first persons I sat down and had a conversation with when I was making moves in a personal transition and change. We met for coffee and my story. She listened deeply, carefully; didn’t blink an eye, didn’t speak judgment or show judgment in her body language; she was patient, generous with her time and then she spoke with compassion, encouragement, love and inspiration. I felt in my gut that even though we had not seen one another for months, she would provide a listening ear without judgment or condemnation – my gut was correct. I felt so good getting my feelings out because I needed a success during the process.

Tracy Johnson is another Warrior friend. She is a devoted, mother, wife, sister and daughter. She is spicy, humorous, kind and outspoken. She’s an educator, advocate for children and oh yea, did I say she is outspoken, tells the truth and is a great listener. She loves big and hard!!

I met Tracy and her family through my daughter. I was drawn to her quick wit, her no holds bar frankness, openness and her in-your-face love for her children. I contacted Tracy during a period of time when I thought I was losing my mind, body and spirit after transitioning from a highly toxic work situation. We hadn’t known each other long but one thing I knew, is that she would tell me her truth; her perspective. She listened intently on the phone as I told her what was happening and then she said her piece. It was short, simple, to the point and put me back on my path.

I tell you about my Warrior friends, because there are times when women isolate themselves from the world when life changes or transformations takes place. I was one of those “Isolators” for about 10 years. (You’ll read all about it in the next post)


You need to dig into your mobile phone contacts, old school address book or refrigerator list of phone numbers and call upon a Warrior friend who can shake you up in the most sweet, loving and direct way when you find yourself going into that foggy dark place.

When I finally opened up to these two women and then other Warrior women I know; I received compassion, support and understanding. I am grateful for them. I love them.

By being discerning and then open to the possibilities of a conversation saved me. One thing I knew when confiding in these women was that I felt comfortable telling my stories. I needed to get my truth out of my head in order to make room for something else – light, clarity and kindness.


In a recent podcast, Pamela Elaine Nichols, Motivational Speaker and Resilience Coach and, my “Good Enough” accountability coach, discussed friends and the importance of staying connected to your friends. She discussed the five second rule which consists of you thinking of someone you know but haven’t spoken to in a while. You waiver in your decision to reach out to them. To alleviate the wavering, simply count to 5 and then just call them. If they pick up the phone you can talk and hopefully reconnect, if they don’t pick up then just hang up and try again some other time.

I suggest that any small step you are capable of making toward your healing is a step toward light, clarity and awareness. Give it a try and reach out to your Warrior friend…

Stay Well!


Kathy A. Hampton | Founder & Managing Director | Wellside Retreats Inc.

IG: @wellsideretreats | FB: wellside retreats | wellsideretreats@gmail.com

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