Happy Friday! I am celebrating the fact that I have stepped into MY POWER! I have changed my mindset and I’m feeling great this morning!

Even as I write this post – days late and off schedule, (I’m forgiving myself for my inconsistency) I’m rewarding myself (pat on the back kinda’ reward) for accomplishing a few things this week.

This week I overcame feelings of SELF DOUBT on particular issues both personal and professional. I’m keeping it light today and won’t go into my bizzness about it all. But I will exclaim that I moved through all the angst, stinking thinking and hesitation from this past Monday through today, FriYay! Now it’s time to celebrate!

FRIDAY takeaway: if you are doing, thinking or saying the same thing over and over and over again and it hasn’t brought you any joy, its time for a change in how you are doing that thang. Sit with it for a moment, get out of your way. . . breathe. . . and before you know it PEACE will be with you. Then take the time to reward yourself, your spirit and your new mindset. You are growing when this happens.

What did you accomplish this week? What are you CELEBRATING today? How will you reward yourself in this moment? YOU ARE POWERFUL – trust and believe…

Stay Well!


Kathy A. Hampton | Founder & Managing Director of Wellside Retreats, Inc.

IG: @wellsideretreats | FB: wellside retreats | wellsideretreats@gmail.com

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