Awareness of the Transitioning Woman
Photo by Melissa Westbrook on Unsplash

So what happens when you have moved through the process of change, the metamorphosis, the moment by moment movement ever so slowly where you notice the shift, the calibration, a high frequency and suddenly a smile (worn as a badge of honor and symbol of relief)? What happens now?

AWARENESS is what this is all about! Congratulations, Girl!! It feels sooo good. You are now conscious after all the waiting, pining, crying, screaming; all the sinking to the bathroom floor in silent tears – all the drama and even trauma in some cases. I’m not mocking – this is real. The problem about this stage for some people is that they never get to AWARENESS. It is my hope that you are moving toward light. . .

These are signs of intelligent life when you come face to face with AWARENESS. It means that you have been patient with the process and with yourself. You’ve trusted and believed in yourself through all of the stuff that has thrown you for a loop. Or if it is a super cool positive transition, you must spit mad GRATITUDE, embrace the newness of the change and move through the familiarity of this wonderful new thing you are embarking on. Just BE!

My young teacher, best selling, award winning author, psychotherapist and T.V. personality, Nikki Walton stated in a recent Instagram post…

Your #1 purpose, in every ‘now’, is to re-discover and stay consciously aware of your inner Wholeness… the ‘I Am’ that was aware of just being, before it was aware of being you. IT is experienced in the body as stillness, effortless quiet, or loud silence (even in the midst of hella noise… even in the midst of hella thoughts. IT doesn’t lack anything because IT is everything”

Nikki walton aka @curlynikki, Instagram, August 11, 2019

A-ware-ness: concern about and well-informed interest in a particular situation or development.

For roughly a year I set my intention as AWARE prior to meditating. Some of my passwords had AWARE as part of the format. I knew in my spirit that I had made it through the journey and was quite AWARE and celebrated being “woke”.

For me, it is in this place where all the goodies take place like: caring for self, loving self, respecting self while the yumminess of being closer to what God, Creator, Spirit, Universe (insert your belief) wants YOU to be. You walk with your head up, light beams all around you, confidence is exuded and the sweetest scent of fresh flowers pours from you as you move through the world.

This is not to say that everything is a cake walk and there are no problems. But it becomes a little easier to reset should there be distractions that come your way. Better yet, AWARENESS keeps you so alert that it moves you closer to that happy, blissful place – PRESENCE even in the midst of some stuff because you now know how to be pull upon your reserves – stillness, breathe, proclaiming gratitude and. . . just BE!

In days to come I will provide my visual perspective of my journey from a darker space to light. Stay in touch and let me hear from you, provide your feedback at It’s a safe space.

Stay well!

-Kathy Kathy A. Hampton, Founder & Managing Director of Wellside Retreats

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