Photo by Leighann Renee on Unsplash

With a mixed bag of STUFF this past week I have sorted it all out and it has brought me to reflect on GRATITUDE that I spoke of in my last post. But even further, over the weekend LOVE has resonated with me. Love is so often thrown about and covered up by the sh– we go through on a daily. But I ask you right now – WHAT DO YOU LOVE? What is it that stirs your heart and sparks any kind of joy you may have? What makes you feel like you are home – protected, safe, fearless and free?

After watching Ava DuVernay’s, “When They See Us” I was overwhelmed with sadness and anger for the young, beautiful lives of 5 black boys – that I’m sure I share with the majority of viewers. As I watched it for the second time in one day I also saw how DuVernay captured the love that poured into the boys from mothers, fathers, lawyers and communities. It was through LOVE of life, humanity and Go(od) that JUSTICE prevailed.

Love a mother can only know and feel for her children,

Love of a father that means so much to his child,

Photo by Leighann Renee on Unsplash

Love of self that is buried so deep within YOUR soul, that if there is a flicker of light within the heart, LOVE is sustaining and transforming,

Love for your community, fellow woman and man, tribe, village, neighbor. . .

I ask you to think of , meditate and focus on LOVE today – whether it be big, small, heart centered, material, nature focused. What do you love? What is your capacity to LOVE? Who do you LOVE?

It is inside, It is there, It is available, It is Love of yourself, others, the world…?

Stay Well . . .

-Kathy, Founder, Wellside Retreats

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