Hello! How are you? Really, how are you doing? I’m well and I say that because, I am truly doing well!

I’ve had my share of disappointment, loneliness, anger, sadness and self-doubt for an extended period of time. As I reflect on those pain points, I also focus on and practice gratitude. It is gratitude that has actually moved me; got me to stand up after waking up; provided the momentum needed to try new and exciting things and; even the simple things like sitting on a park bench by myself in the sunshine. It’s a celebration of a movement from fogginess to sunshine. Gratitude has brought me to a place where I breath easy – moment by moment.

Through one breath at a time, moment by moment (which can be seconds, minutes, hours or days) my practice is a simple “thank you” or a list of things that I put on my invisible alter I state – “I am grateful”!

Photo by Chris Ensey on Unsplash

How does gratitude feel? Have you ever felt what the practice of gratitude feels like? Well, I believe it is a mixture of things. It’s a mixture of excitement and giddiness. See, it’s hard to explain but I’m gonna give it a try. . .

For the last two months or so, I’ve felt an energy that feels like excitement or a pleasant anxiety – like when you are expecting a package; when that someone special in your world gives you a call; you see that someone special from a distance or in your mind’s eye; when you’ve taken the steps to create something and it is coming together. It’s like butterflies in your stomach. . . It’s anticipation of goodness, greatness, a knowing, an awareness…

Great things have happened to me and continue because I’ve given thanks for what I have, who I am, where I’m going and the presence of God (Spirit, Source, the Universe) in my life. It’s even through all of the hard stuff that I’ve landed on my feet, I’m healthy, I’m creating, I’m able to DO MY THING, I’m dreaming and have the strongest of desires to see the world!

Stay tuned… and practice GRATITUDE… moment by moment.


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