I’m soooo excited to tell you about this event that’s been called a movement, a place for transformation and inspiration! I call it a destination – a morning retreat! For seven years, women have traveled from towns near and far to a lush grassy portion of Druid Hill Park in Baltimore, Maryland to watch the sun rise, pray, meditate and find healing for whatever ailed them or for whatever was on their hearts and minds. They’ve shown up with their sorrow, wonder, gladness; a desire to receive a blessing, a sign, encouragement and what I believe is ultimate LOVE.

Sisters Gathering to Heal – 2015

I’ve mentioned my friend, DeBora M. Ricks – my law school classmate I found almost 25 years after law school doing some amazing stuff. Well she explained to me that Spirit whispered in her ear as she walked through Druid Hill Park on a summer day back in 2012; the message was:

“Bring women to the park to heal their relationships.” She writes in a past post – “I have been befuddled and fascinated by relationships my whole life, so I was pretty sure Spirit was talking about intimate relationships. Spirit corrected me with, “No baby, this is about women healing ALL their relationships.” Sisters Gathering to Heal was born on that summer day.

It was not until last year that I attended Sisters Gathering to Heal for the first time. My friend Judie and I drove from Newark, New Jersey not knowing what to expect. All I knew was the photographs of the sun lit event from over the years looked tranquil, peaceful and touching. Beautiful brown women all dressed in white with the greenest of grass at their feet, sparkling water a short distance from them while the sun framed those sweet faces!

I was curious and quite nosy as to what could be so stimulating about the experience. I went with an open mind and heart. I had no expectations other to witness the sights and feel the vibration (whatever it would be). I also made no assumptions about the gathering and how I would be effected.

Well, let me tell you! I left Sisters Gathering to Heal, moved and inspired! I received an inspiration that caused a pivot in one of the most coveted relationships a child of Go(o)d can have – with my Mother! I’ll let you know about that some other time…

I’m here to let you know that this beautiful event is happening again! On July 13th at Druid Hill Park, Baltimore, Maryland at 7:00 a.m. Wear white, bring a blanket to sit on and be open to this experiential destination and morning retreat!. The theme is Begin Again! (I’ll be talking about that in the days ahead)

Oh, did I mention. . . this year DeBora has graciously invited me to co-facilitate! I’m honored and feeling courageous. As Debora would say I’m being, “vocal, visible and vulnerable!

You are invited and I hope to see you there! Go to Sisters Gathering to Heal for more information.

Last year at Sisters Gathering to Heal


Kathy A. Hampton, Founder – Wellside Retreats

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