A wave of events and emotions that accompany them occurred in 2016.  I was ready for some of these events but stymied by most.  It has taken me until today, January 20, 2017 to  blog about and publish the transitions that occurred during 2016 in my life.

This journal has stressed my advocacy for emotional intelligence and mental health awareness.  I’ve focused on the readiness for the inevitable changes in life through RETREAT and RETREATING.  I have insisted that READINESS for what is to be and what is to come is through various manners of retreating from those ugly emotions of fear and anger to the beauty of being present in the moment – breathing, thinking and standing still.

I have meditated on the theme of  TRANSITION during the year of 2016.  Through positive changes by the end of the year and reaching my goals, I felt that I would be successful with dueling conditions.  I knew the changes would come no matter what BUT I was steadfast in keeping it all positive.

I have experienced the:

Transitioning between feelings of inadequacy AND feelings of competence

Transitions between physical inaction AND physical activity AND then back to inactivity AND now physical activity

Transition between doubt AND clarity

Transitioning from sadness AND to contentment

Transitioning from pride TO greater pride in my children

Transitioning from a betrayal TO understanding, healing and, strength

Transitioning from career toxicity TO seeking meaning and purpose

Transitioning from an intelligent political leadership for our NATION and WORLD TO a narrowly focused divided racist and nationalistic vision for the World !

I could go on . . . And on . . . The transitions have moved me from highs, lows, warm and cold and so many other places and phases.

I have learned that 2016 saw me trying to keep up with the many turns and twists.  i found that my weakness was INCONSISTENCY.  I was inconsistent in my yoga practice, healthy eating, relationships, writing practice and love for myself.  TRANSITIONS and CHANGES have revealed my weaknesses causing overwhelming distraction and failures in reaching my goals and dreams.

Once the dizzying feeling of INCONSISTENCY kept me from reaching the state of happiness I so wanted to attain, I reached out to the Universe, close friends (I only have a handful), coaches and books and found CLARIFICATION in myself and for myself!

I have been saved, through CLARIFICATION.  I can see clearly now!  Just by taking steps every day into the new day – thankful for each minute, hour and into the clear day.  I have TRANSITIONED and RETREATED from 2016 as of today January 20, 2017!mirror bw


WellSide Retreats 2017


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