My prerogative to change my mind does not extend only to returning a pair of new shoes in order to purchase a beautiful new dress.  No, it is more powerful and empowering than a course of direction for material gain.  Changing my mind, thoughts and behaviors have been preceded by a journey of lessons, emotional and physical manifestations that only I could experience.  But this journey has made me realize that not only I can make such changes – everyone can.

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Getting Your Happy Back

I changed my mind when I realized I wasn’t happy.  I was grumpy, irritable, sluggish and physically unattractive.  I asked myself, “when were you happy last?” My happiest self was when I was a junior in high school – over 30 years ago.  Thirty years ago I was so sure of myself.  Optimism was part of my being.  I wrote down lists of my accomplishments as well as my goals and I reached the goals so much quicker.  As a spring chicken, I looked better, could move better and think I turned a few heads.

So, at this time in my life what I had been doing to my mind, body and spirit was not making me happy – I needed to work toward making a change.  I’ve realized that putting the work into myself, transformation would surely come.

  1.  Exercise and physical activity is a primary focus of my life.  The endorphins that are perked up has caused me great clarity of mind and physical strength I have not felt this way in a long time.
  2. Plants and protein are a main focus of creating energy and eliminating all the bad stuff inside me – I feel so much better consuming brightly colored vegetables and fruits.  I am stronger with small portions of animal protein instead of large quantities of meat that I used to eat.
  3. Meditation, prayer and reflection have afforded me mental energy, mindfulness and stimulated my senses.  I am clear in thought, less irritable and more organized than I have been in years.  The list of accomplishments and goals to complete are once again being considered and I am optimistic about the future!

These 3 changes incorporated into my life sound so text book and common to today’s woman.  They’ve been discussed on the talk shows, life style magazines, books, churches and various websites.  I used to think that these simple things could be done simply.  No – it’s hard work changing your mind.  You (I) must DO the work to regain the wonderful attitudes that GET that lovely feeling back into our own relative HAPPINESS.

I lost my HAPPY place through working on external things like career, acquiring stuff and creating comfort for my family – immediate and external.  It’s what we all do.  In the process of living, we run into cloudiness that covers up the goals and dreams we once had for ourselves.  We take for granted what we have and keep running into walls, fences until we get tired of stumbling.  We get entrenched and can’t make our way out.  I got entrenched and was forced to STOP and THINK.

Not until I couldn’t peel my large butt from the sofa, couldn’t digest food without it coming up and causing me great pain; until my hair was falling out and then growing in the most unsightly places and when I could not walk up the hill from the train station without grabbing my chest did I know I HAD TO CHANGE MY MIND & CHANGE MY LIFE!

I’m putting in the work, writing down my accomplishments and goals to getting my happy back.  The 3 small things in the list above are setting me on a new path.  It’s actually been so much fun and oh, so beautiful!



One thought on “3 Ways I Changed My Mind & Changed My Life (Part 1)

  1. Nice work! Thank you for sharing.

    Warmly, Pamela Elaine

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