mirror bwFor many years I have wanted to tell many stories of myself and my family, immediate and extended.  I never journaled formally but kept all of the stories from year to year in my head.  I never even had a diary but would write things on pieces of paper that would later go missing, thrown away or put in a file folder with no label.

It was not until my children were born did I really see the value of capturing what they did and writing it down.  I do have a few journal posts from their childhood but I never really talked about mine.

Out of that silence, of what I think is a very busy, hectic, rewarding and sometimes very complex life, I have started writing.  I have started writing a book that I’ve had in my head for over 25 years.  I have started writing a children’s book.  I am writing a love story.  And, I am writing about myself.

So, I am moving away from, retreating from silence because it takes a lot of energy to keep everything in your head.  It’s such a relief to be able to share myself, if even to myself, in my words and expressions.  Having all those words on paper allows  the noise once in my head escape and I can enjoy music, laughter and others so much more.

I’ve decided to blog so that with every book written I will be able to introduce it, discuss it and invite readers to read it.  Blogging will also keep me writing, vocal and engaged with my perspectives on many things.  It is a way to keep the silence away.




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